((on the topic of Microsoft buying Mojang, you know… if they played it right, they could honestly make decent profit. my first thought is making a mix of free and paid DLC for special texture packs, skins, and hell - mojang said they had the rights to make capes.))

Izolda takes out candles and a summoning totem in order to bring forth Mithora's ♂… for a question. "Good day, sir. Allow me to ask a question: Did you have a dream that was hindered by the presence of parenthood, and if so, a. what was it, and b. did you take it out on your young?"

The Blaziken shook his head. “My only dream was for my kids to grow up strong enough to run this village when I was gone. Adamenta was strong enough. Mithora, on the other hand…” He scoffed and turned away.

For Layron's ♀ and/or ♂: 1. How does your family unit function? Are parental jobs split evenly between you, do you collectively do all of them as a team, or...? 2. Do the older children assist in child rearing, or are they kicked out of home after they reach a certain age? and 3. What, in your opinion, was Layron's reasoning for leaving home?

The two Heliosks sat next to each other. The husband held his wife’s arms as tears of sadness came to her eye. “Well…” The wife began. “My husband takes care of the children. I tend to most of the other duties - keeping predators away from our home, finding good rocks to gather sunlight on… The children usually just observe us, learning what we do as a family. The children never leave home until they’re ready. It usually is five or six years before they ever go off on their own, but yes - they do help raise the younger children.”

She paused and took a deep breath, before sputtering and going into a quiet wail of sorrow. The husband spoke for her - “Our son… didn’t choose to leave home. He was… taken… by those… those things… those demonic machines…” He didn’t say any more.

M!A Layron is not shiny anymore LediMod

"Yaaaaay!" Layron exclaimed as his scales went from red to yellow. "NO MORE TOMATOOOOOOOOOOO blagurgobahdahaaa dahooooooo!!!"

Izolda [to Mithora's ♀]: Hello! I've heard your daughter's thoughts on a "certain subject" (and my, were they colorful) and so I am curious about your own: what are your opinions towards your late husband/Mithora's pa?

"He was…" She paused. "My husband was… a bright spirit, but his burning passion had the intensity of a caldera. When Mithora was born, he expected her to grow up into a fearsome warrior. For some reason though… she just couldn’t find it in herself to evolve. Adamenta was born a few years later and she evolved before Mithora, which upset him… Sometimes, you wish Pokemon would never change. That things would always just stay the same. That never happens though…"

♀ Mithora's mother: What interests did your child have when they were younger?

"Mmm… it’s fairly ironic, their interests." The Delphox said. "Mithora was my eldest daughter, and ever since her birth she’s desired to be a fighter. She has that spark… that passion that lets her keep going, that will that can help her accomplish anything. Adamenta, on the other hand…" She paused and took a deep breath. "She felt she wasn’t fit for the battlefield. She always imagined herself hiding behind her allies, casting spells and weaving enchantments to make her friends a mighty force of strength and power. She actively pursued knowledge of powerful, unusual spells."

"If you are talking about specifically when they were young, well… Adamenta had always had a knack for woodcarving. You’d be surprised what a good pair of magic gloves can do for a Pokemon. Mithora, on the other hand, did a lot of reading and shared a lot of books she read with Adamenta. Those two were inseparable, they were."

Morgan: "Don't fret, boy. I have experienced various forms of this 'anon magic' in the past, and never has it lasted indefinitely. There is no need to worry - just enjoy it while it lasts."

Layron whimpered. “But I’is a sunburnt potatoooo! I don’t like this at all!”

LediMod made you all shiny Muahahahah

"Why would you do this?! What is my family going to think of me now?!" Layron exclaimed.

Mithora was a bit concerned. “Alright… could someone please give Layron some comfort… cause I’ve tried before and god did that go wrong…”

Ledi stamps a male sign and waves Hi! I'm a Ledian

Layron sniffles. “H-hi… I’m a sunburnt potato…”

Mithora glanced at Layron with concern. “This… isn’t like you…”

"I k-know…"

Hey Layron, you planning on doing anything with your newfound camouflage?

Layron: “I LOOK LIKE A SUNBURNT POTATOOOOO!!!” He pokes his skin and quietly said “I’m on fire. It burns.” ;n;